Hermès fake bag 2022 autumn and winter handbag prices, Hermes increased by 27% against the market, the new version of the pig nose bag is worth

Hermès 2022

Hermès 2022 autumn and winter handbag price list ︳ 2022 autumn and winter handbags are listed in Hong Kong, China.

Hermès 2022 autumn and winter handbags have a number of Kelly new bag designs that amaze the audience. Hermes Outlet They are one of the most anticipated handbags this season. https://www.fauxhermesbag.com/ At the same time, Hermès can still have a 27% increase in sales in the first quarter despite the global downturn. Hermes It can be seen that Hermès is the first choice for value-preserving handbags at different times.

Hermès bucked the market and increased by 27%, 2022 autumn and winter handbag price list

Even if the epidemic continues, it will not prevent major brands from increasing their prices. Hermès Birkin cheap Hermès sales volume continues to rise. Some analysts once predicted that Hermès will increase by 15% in the first quarter, and the final sales volume will reach 2.76 billion euros, an increase of 27%. One of the brands that has successfully reversed the situation, whether in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain, or in Asia, also increased sales by double digits.

Hermès 2022

Bernstein analyst Luca Solca pointed out that Hermès’s prospects are still promising, and it is expected to maintain its position as a first-line boutique in the future. Hermès company reported data that the growth of the watch sector is the most dazzling, with a total increase of 62%; while girls love the most Ready-to-wear and accessories collections, also grew by 44%; let’s take a look at the styles and pricing of Hermès 2022 autumn and winter handbags.