Timeless and light, Hermès releases new collection for autumn and winter 2022

Traditional skills are intertwined with modern modernity. Following a light pace, the Hermès 2022 autumn and winter series came slowly. Continuing the annual theme of “Lighthearted”, the metal tubular decoration is paired with geometric design, presenting a new series with hollowed-out modern decorative interest. The combination of different materials produces an optimistic and light ingenious structure. Hermes Bags, beauty, jewelry, watches, home furnishing and special customized series together form a perfect world for 2022 autumn and winter.

Hermes 2022

The world of bags – the ingenious combination of reconstructionism and creativity The geometric design reconstruction highlights the interesting design language. Breaking the mold, the new Kelly II Sellier bag reimagines a classic silhouette with a reversible asymmetrical design for a ‘patched’ (en désordre) aesthetic, creating a new aesthetic of balance. Inspired by motorcycle jackets, the new Hermes Birkins and Haut à courroies Rock bags combine a classic bag with a fashion-forward vibe with soft leather, exterior pockets and a Chaîned’ancre chain and leather-covered padlock for a solid black rock look . This season’s next-generation Bolide mini bag has a playful twist, with a swivel pulley that adds a playful …