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Hermès releases new products for autumn and winter 2022

Timeless and light, Hermès releases new collection for autumn and winter 2022

Traditional skills are intertwined with modern modernity. Following a light pace, the Hermès 2022 autumn and winter series came slowly. Continuing the annual theme of “Lighthearted”, the metal tubular decoration is paired with geometric design, presenting a new series with hollowed-out modern decorative interest. The combination of different materials produces an optimistic and light ingenious structure. Hermes Bags, beauty, jewelry, watches, home furnishing and special customized series together form a perfect world for 2022 autumn and winter.

Hermes 2022

The world of bags – the ingenious combination of reconstructionism and creativity The geometric design reconstruction highlights the interesting design language. Breaking the mold, the new Kelly II Sellier bag reimagines a classic silhouette with a reversible asymmetrical design for a ‘patched’ (en désordre) aesthetic, creating a new aesthetic of balance. Inspired by motorcycle jackets, the new Hermes Birkins and Haut à courroies Rock bags combine a classic bag with a fashion-forward vibe with soft leather, exterior pockets and a Chaîned’ancre chain and leather-covered padlock for a solid black rock look . This season’s next-generation Bolide mini bag has a playful twist, with a swivel pulley that adds a playful …

Hermès bucked the market and increased by 27%

Hermès fake bag 2022 autumn and winter handbag prices, Hermes increased by 27% against the market, the new version of the pig nose bag is worth

Hermès 2022

Hermès 2022 autumn and winter handbag price list ︳ 2022 autumn and winter handbags are listed in Hong Kong, China.

Hermès 2022 autumn and winter handbags have a number of Kelly new bag designs that amaze the audience. They are one of the most anticipated handbags this season. At the same time, Hermès can still have a 27% increase in sales in the first quarter despite the global downturn. It can be seen that Hermès is the first choice for value-preserving handbags at different times.

Hermès bucked the market and increased by 27%, 2022 autumn and winter handbag price list

Even if the epidemic continues, it will not prevent major brands from increasing their prices. cheap Hermès sales volume continues to rise. Some analysts once predicted that Hermès will increase by 15% in the first quarter, and the final sales volume will reach 2.76 billion euros, an increase of 27%. One of the brands that has successfully reversed the situation, whether in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain, or in Asia, also increased …