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In 1986, Jean-Louis Dumas, the fifth president, met French actress Jane Birkin and launched this classic design for her. Birkin bag in 4 sizes: 25, 30, 35, 40. Because each bag is handmade by the master, the completion time of a leather bag is 3 months, 6 months to 1 year. Each BIRKIN finished product requires a craftsman to work meticulously for 18 hours, and then numbered and engraved with the name of the craftsman, so each one is unique.

The Hermes Kelly bag was originally a saddle bag designed for hunters and was the earliest item in HERMES leather goods. It is convenient for ladies to carry, and it was already a limited edition of HERMES at that time. The Hermes Kelly bag became famous in Life magazine in 1956, when the magazine published a photo of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco carrying a Hermes Kelly bag while pregnant. “Hight Bag” has since been changed to Hermes Kelly, which has also caused a frenzy.

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One of the classic bags of Hermès was born in 1969. It is said that on the day the first bag was sold, the bag designer just got a girl, so he named the …