In 1986, Jean-Louis Dumas, the fifth president, met French actress Jane Birkin and launched this classic design for her. Hermes Outlet Birkin bag in 4 sizes: 25, 30, 35, 40. 1:1 Replica hermes Because each bag is handmade by the master, the completion time of a leather bag is 3 months, 6 months to 1 year. Hermes Each BIRKIN finished product requires a craftsman to work meticulously for 18 hours, and then numbered and engraved with the name of the craftsman, so each one is unique.

The Hermes Kelly bag was originally a saddle bag designed for hunters and was the earliest item in HERMES leather goods. Hermès Birkin It is convenient for ladies to carry, and it was already a limited edition of HERMES at that time. The Hermes Kelly bag became famous in Life magazine in 1956, when the magazine published a photo of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco carrying a Hermes Kelly bag while pregnant. “Hight Bag” has since been changed to Hermes Kelly, which has also caused a frenzy.

Hermès bags

One of the classic bags of Hermès was born in 1969. It is said that on the day the first bag was sold, the bag designer just got a girl, so he named the bag after his child. At present, the sizes of Constance are Micro, Mini, 24MM, Elan and Cartable.

Hermès designs have a different theme every year; in 2007 the theme for the year was dedicated to dance. The Lindy handbag born in this year, the name comes from the dance Lindy Hop (a kind of Swing Dance, as shown in the picture) that originated in the black district of New York in 1920. Lindy’s profile is quite the vivid essence of this dance. Of course, Lindy is also a handbag that pays great attention to practicality. The shoulder strap design allows this handbag to have two different carrying methods, making it more youthful and interesting.

Kelly’s spin-off series
Four derivative series born out of Kelly Bag: So Kelly Bag, Kelly Lakis, Kelly Pochette and Kelly Danse. So Kelly is the most popular derivative. It combines the advantages of bucket bags and Kelly Bags. The slender bag shape, large capacity and exquisite handwork also show that Hermes, a century-old brand that started with horse gear, combines luxury and dignity with the practicality of life. Combining sophistication.

Bolide this one. It is said that this bag is the first bag with a zipper in the world (1923). It has a long history and a classic shape. Most of the high-end brands have this bag style, such as LV’s Alma, YSL’s Muse, Dolce & Miss Brigette Dome of Gabbana et al. According to the size of 27, 31, 37cm, these three are more common. There are also 47cm and 1923. Except for the 1923, the other four models are equipped with shoulder straps, so they can be carried on the shoulders. The 1923 is a replica with a shorter handle and can only be carried by hand.

Different from the bag shape of other Hermes series, Picotin Lock adopts a generous barrel shape, a small lock, and the embellishment is just right. On the whole, it is simple and not complicated. It’s so small it’s super cute, right? It is said that this bag was inspired by the original horse food bag. Later, because it looked a bit like the basket that my mother carried when she went to the vegetable market, it was nicknamed the vegetable basket!

The same popular bag Herbag. The design has Kelly’s elegance and intellectuality, but the price is much more approachable, so this bag is regarded as one of the entry models for Hermes lovers. The price is also very low. Since the bag itself is made of canvas material, the price is probably less than 2w~

Like all Hermès classic timeless bags, the Evelyne bag (/Hermes Evelyne bag) has a very simple design, smooth lines, and the brand’s iconic “H” letter is printed with holes in the front of the bag, making it easy to see. Known to be a big name brand, the long, firm shoulder straps make this bag very comfortable to wear.

The most rustic bag of Hermès, the main casual style, with soft leather and canvas and other material options, large capacity, suitable for travel and leisure use. The appearance is simple and simple, although it is not as noble and fashionable as platinum and Kelly bags, it is also unique.

Known as the Milk Box, Toolbox is a very fun and cute bag that is small in size and very popular. Design with swivel clasp, metal plate, snap hook, as clean as a toolbox.

The Hermes Roulis shoulder bag, the first to introduce a new material: leather imitating the horizontal grain of the H canvas. Grain d’H calfskin is shiny, flexible and easy to hold. The clean silhouette is paired with a slender anchor chain buckle for added elegance.