Yuan Yongyi has become a Hermès bag collector. Hermes Every time she goes out on the street, she is not the same. High Quality Fake Hermes It is indeed the ultimate dream of girls!

Whenever Hermes is mentioned, everyone will think that it is definitely synonymous with expensive. Hermes Replica Bags Otherwise, even the wealthy sister J would have to hire bodyguards and build bulletproof doors to protect her dream wardrobe. Hermès Birkin A wall of Hermes bags, who will provide it like this. But there is a Hermes fanatic who does the opposite. Three words are inseparable from the love bag, but it is not soft at all in daily use, and you have to carry it on your back when you go to buy vegetables. And every time I go out on the street, it is not the same. It is the ultimate dream of girls.

Hermès bag

That’s right, we are talking about our bag lover, Anita Yuen. Her fanatical pursuit of Hermes can really be said for three days and three nights. There are so many bags that they can catch up with the exhibition hall. They are completely walking RMB players. Looking back on previous interviews, I know her dedication to Hermes. When people asked her why she liked Paris so much, Liangliang said it was because of Hermes. Looking at the mouth of our brother Zhilin, we know that the wallet is about to bleed again.

But I have to say that Liangliang is really different to Hermes. She is good at picking and matching, and most importantly, she is very willing to use them. Every time I go out on the street, I don’t see her the same, low-key and luxurious. Whether it’s shopping or taking a baby, Hermes will always be her standard item.

After buying more, the vision is of course more unique. Most people don’t even know that Hermès has produced such a style, and they have already obtained it. Different from the classic design, it is also very collectible.

But a real rich woman will not hide her famous bags. Even if she is shopping for groceries, Liangliang has to carry a Hermes to concave her shape. It is no different from the clothes of ordinary housewives, and it is even very grounded in daily life. Especially the trousers, which were obviously worn white, made it impossible for people to notice that she was actually an invisible rich man. The kelly of elephant gray has actually become a special bag for supermarket purchases. The happiness of the rich is really unimaginable. A low-key and practical bucket bag, Liangliang also recites a very delicate and stylish taste. The black and white denim is fashionable and beautiful, and the bucket bag is also casual and energetic. The colorful straps even weaken the sense of ladyship, and the girls’ backs are also very suitable.

Did you not expect that this colorful backpack is actually from Hermès. The fancy but not gaudy pattern highlights the chic feeling. No matter what style it is paired with, it is very fresh and age-reducing. And it is also very easy to carry and can be loaded, it is definitely a good product for travel.

Of course, as a Hermès collector, Yuan Liangliang has more bags than that. Every time I show up, it’s not the same, but it’s so enviable. If you have money, you will buy it, isn’t it the ultimate dream of girls.