Everyone has heard of the ultimate luxury of Hermes, a legendary story that is hard to find and cannot be bought with money, which makes people want to find out more. Fake Hermes Bags Now you can easily have a one-day lady experience! Hermès Birkin Can you imagine doing yoga with tens of thousands of Hermes scarves? Hermes Outlet Experience all kinds of sports equipment customized by Hermès, but the whole process is free? Hermes The legendary “Hermes Gym” has finally arrived in Taipei after Tokyo and New York City. HermèsFit will land in the Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Industry Park in December, and the public has opened up for exclusive courses and exhibition experiences.

The exclusive style training field created by Hermès will bring everyone a new and unique experience, not only providing small class experience courses such as scarf yoga, belt stretching, bracelet ballet, etc. In the brand’s iconic orange creative space, many kinds of Hermès orange sports equipment customized for the event have been created.

Kettlebells and barbells made of Hermès horse heads and round orange boxes are used for heavy training. In the Hermès boxing arena, there are boxing sandbags made of silk scarves, as well as exclusive sports spaces such as rock climbing walls and double-ring gymnasiums. Although some scenes can only Taking pictures is provided, but visiting in person is definitely worth it. HermèsFit not only meets everyone’s imagination of sports luxury, but also hides more Hermès creativity beyond expectations.