The international auction house Christie’s 2021 Hong Kong Autumn Auction ended a few days ago. 1:1 Replica hermes The total turnover this season recorded a total of 3.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 13.5 billion Taiwan dollars), which became the highest auction record in Christie’s Asian history. Hermès Birkin The performance is even better than before the epidemic. Hermes The rise of Asian collectors has made Hong Kong the most high-profile art center outside New York.

This autumn auction set a total of 35 world auction records, and 1 Hermes (HERMES) matte white Himalayan Nile crocodile skin 28 cm Kelly bag with only 18K white gold and diamond accessories sold for a whopping 4 million Hong Kong dollars (about 14.2 million Taiwan dollars). Hermes Outlet ) hit the hammer at the sky-high price, breaking the annual transaction record for handbag items in global auction houses.

In the press conference held after the auction, Christie’s also mentioned that the Asian market is obviously globalized. Among them, the number of new millennial buyers with strong learning ability has increased by 29%, and the total online transaction volume has increased by 4 times compared with the fall of 2019; continuous growth Among the Asian markets, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan performed the best.

The demand in the Asian market for bags, jewelry and watches in the boutique category continues. In addition to Christie’s breaking the auction record for boutique bags and cultivating the market with exquisite antique timepieces, in the Phillips Hong Kong autumn auction held last week, the watch category It also set the first “white glove” auction year in the history of Asian auctions, and the annual results of jewelry auctions also set a new record.


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