The TV series “Only Thirty” was broadcast. Fake Hermes Bags The ambitious full-time wife Gu Jia wanted to break into the circle of ladies, but found that because she did not carry Hermes, the group photo was cut off, and it became a hot topic on the Internet for a while.

Indeed, Hermès bags have a pivotal role in the ladies circle, not only the stepping stone to show identity, but also the identity card that shows the value.

If you follow this rule, then the woman who has the most Hermes in the world-Singapore’s rich woman and the number one Internet celebrity Jamie Chua (蔡欣颖), is undoubtedly the top of the ladies circle.


The woman with the most Hermes in the world

How many Hermes does Cai Xinying have? cheap hermes bags I’m afraid she can’t even remember her.

She has a whole room dedicated to her Hermès bags, and the Hermès full of walls is dizzying when she enters the door;

Not only candy colors, but also rare skins. Hermes The most powerful thing is that there are three of the most expensive Himalayan crocodile skins in Hermes.

The middle bag with 245 diamonds was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong in 2017 at a price of 2,595,700 yuan.

In the world of Hermès, tens of thousands of Chanel small bags have no place to stay here, they can only lie on the ground and show their faces.

Now the popular collection of Hermès bags of various materials, colors and styles on Xiaohongshu has long been left behind by Cai.


Really rich ladies will not pet Hermes exclusively

In addition to bags, Cai Xinying also has an entire house of brand-name shoes.

Valentino, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Gucci, Dior…Almost all luxury brands.

It is said that there are more than 300 pairs of shoes here. Hermès Birkin If you change one pair a day, you can almost wear them for a year. This is only one third of her shoes, and she has more than 1,000 pairs in total.

With so many shoes, of course there will only be more clothes, not less.

In order to maximize the use of space and improve her countless clothes, she adopts a wardrobe that can be opened by pushing and pulling alone;

Among them, there are many big-name limited edition catwalk models and high-end models.

In the middle of the cloakroom, there is a whole glass cabinet with shining and priceless jewelry.

This kind of cloakroom, no matter what perfume you spray, it only emits the smell of RMB.

It is conservatively estimated that there should be RMB 40-50 million.


Showing off wealth is a hobby and a career

In one sentence, the life of the lady Cai Xinying is probably: buy, buy, and sun.

By showing off her wealth, she has accumulated 1.2 million fans on ins and embarked on the road of online celebrity sales.

Pure show off the wealth can not maintain the flow for a long time, in order to maintain popularity, Cai Xinying had to add more elements, such as family members.

Gradually, the popularity of the pair of children is getting higher and higher, and her daughter is already a mature internet celebrity.

Once you become an online celebrity with goods, “sharing” is no longer an easy task.

Packing suitcases is a chore when traveling;

At the same scenic spot, you have to change three or four outfits to take beautiful photos; often you have to arrange your own shooting scenes to ensure a beautiful composition.

Make-up, dress-up, composition, shooting, retouching… Behind every beautiful photo, there are unknown sadnesses.

Watching the life of Cai Xinying, a woman who “has the most Hermes in the world,” Chao Sister was not envious.

She has a lot of bags, a lot of clothes, a lot of shoes, a lot of jewelry… But the more material she has, the happier it is?

According to the law of diminishing marginal utility, when you buy the first expensive Hermes bag, you are probably very happy, but when you buy the 1000th, it is as calm as ordinary people buying a bun, right?

Therefore, the life of endless money, purely buying and buying, is really boring.

This also explains why she has so much money, and why she has to work so hard to be an online celebrity product.

What’s the meaning of just being a rich and idle person, or doing something to bring a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.