The first luxury item for young people is often a bag. Hermès Birkin After all, you can’t wear a 20,000 yuan dress every day, but a 20,000 yuan handbag can be worn every day as long as you want.

Leather bags are the most popular luxury category, with sales much higher than clothing and shoes. Hermes Outlet LV, Gucci and Prada are becoming more and more close to the people and are trending towards explosive models. High Quality Fake Hermes cheap Hermes, especially the Hermes platinum bag, is still a legend in the Shanghai ladies circle in TV series.

Why are Hermes bags so expensive?

In 1837, Hermes started with high-end leather harnesses, and later transformed into wallets and handbags. Hermes Leather goods are to Hermes what Tieling is to the Northeast. In 2020, leather goods contributed almost half of 1:1 replica hermes total revenue, more than twice that of ready-to-wear plus jewelry.

Hermès bags sale

Other big names are similar. In 2020, more than half of Gucci’s revenue comes from leather goods, and for YSL, the number is even higher. Handbags have become the wealth code of luxury brands and are placed in the most conspicuous position. Many brands have developed product lines for different groups of people; money can be made more eclectic. Prada’s cheapest nylon shoulder bag, as long as 4,000 yuan. You who just graduated and worked, you can eat and eat, and you can have it.

If it really doesn’t work, you can also choose Gucci, the canvas satchel is priced at 6,000 yuan, and you can support a certain installment intimately. But Hermes isn’t interested in your deflated wallet.

Under the luggage category on the official website, the cheapest is a strap, which costs more than 11,000 yuan. Followed by 30,000 yuan of handbags. The price of flagship products like platinum bags is in another dimension. In 2017, a white crocodile leather platinum bag was auctioned for a sky-high price of more than 2.4 million yuan.

The high price and the direct persuasion of fledgling young people can be called the magical moment of consumerism. Why are platinum bags so expensive? There are many explanations on the market. Birkin bags are made of top or even rare leather, and the manufacturing process is extremely luxurious. For example, this record-breaking platinum bag is made of 18-carat platinum and diamonds. There is also news that every craftsman who makes a platinum bag has undergone more than five years of training. Behind the platinum bag is the top luxury craftsmanship of mankind.

However, it was born for the simplest purpose: practicality. In 1984, on the plane from Paris to London, British actress Jane Birkin happened to be sitting next to the then chairman of Hermès and complained to him that there was no practical handbag on the market that could make a young mother like her dress. Under the debris. The chairman of Hermes drew a sketch, and the legend of the platinum bag began.

The platinum bag designed for practicality has now become an exorbitant luxury item. The fundamental reason is that it is still rare. Birkin shipments are very small, looking at the world, there are only about 200,000 in the market. If you want to buy it, there is a long wait of several years. The platinum bag, which is in short supply, has become a gold mine for Hermès. Hermes, let the poor lie down and let the rich roll up. Hermes in China has an unwritten rule: “distribution”.

Only if the consumption amount reaches the price of half or even two platinum bags, can you be eligible to line up for the platinum bags. On social networking sites, you can also find various “strategies”. The Wall Street Journal quoted an estimate that in 2019, the two star products of the hermes Birkin bag and the Kelly bag contributed more than 1.7 billion euros to Hermès. That’s almost a quarter of its revenue that year.
The second-hand platinum bag market that has sprung up in recent years has caused controversy, but it allows you to get the bag you want directly, and makes the platinum bag a popular investment product.

Most handbags depreciate rapidly within a year of being released; platinum bags do not. You might be able to make a fortune if you resell it second-hand. According to institutional statistics, in 2019, handbags became the highest-yielding art investment that year. A second-hand bag buying and selling website even tried to prove that between 1980 and 2015, platinum bags were a more stable and higher-yielding investment than gold and stocks. There are also people who use platinum bags to develop investment products: they can’t afford the whole bag, and they can choose to be one of its shareholders.
The Birkin bag has become the ultimate desire that everyone can’t get, and Hermès is happy to see it; expensive luxury and rare treasures, this is exactly the image the brand wants to create. In digital media, Hermès’ marketing is just as outstanding as its products. In 2020, when luxury consumption suffered an unprecedented blow, Hermès’ sales fell only 6%; in the fourth quarter, sales recovered rapidly.

To this end, Hermes paid “sales, marketing and administration” related expenses that were close to the cost of sales. For it, it’s worth the money. For someone who can afford Hermès, the money is… well worth it.