On January 24, following the successful launch of the new pilot watch series, Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen “IWC – IWC” and brand ambassador Gu Ailing released a new pilot series advertising blockbuster.

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Gu Ailing, who is only 18 years old, can be called a “wizard”. High Quality Fake Hermes She is not only a rookie freestyle skier and a darling of the fashion model industry, but also a smug prospective college student. Hermes By actively speaking, she hopes to promote the development of skiing, inspire and Inspiring young generations around the world to contribute.

In the new advertising blockbuster, Gu Ailing wears the IWC Pilot’s Chronograph 41 (Model: IW388102), vividly showing the multi-faceted power of today’s young people. Hermes Outlet The appearance is the home court, and their time has come.

As a leader in pilot watches, IWC has always focused on the engineering design of pilot watches, meeting the functional requirements and specific needs of professional pilots with outstanding innovation and superb skills. Hermès Birkin With its iconic and highly contemporary design, the IWC Pilot’s Watch is now the perfect choice for athletes, fashionistas and younger generations like Gu Ailing.

IWC Chief Marketing Officer “Franziska Gsell – Fan Sijia” said: “Gu Ailing is the youngest brand ambassador in the IWC family, but she has already achieved many remarkable achievements. We are very happy to create a new advertising campaign with Gu Ailing, hope In this way, the younger generation can be inspired to break through the boundaries, express their style bravely, express themselves, and pursue their dreams and take advantage of their time.”

On the occasion of this promotional event, IWC also announced its official entry into Xiaohongshu, opening a new chapter with the “IWC Girl” Gu Ailing advertising blockbuster, sharing life and creativity with the younger generation of lifestyle enthusiasts, and using time to record the splendor and beauty.

On January 22, the luxury brand “Hermès – Hermes” released the 2022 autumn and winter men’s collection show at the French National Furniture Management Museum.

Director Cyril Teste will focus on the tapestry preserved in this historical and creative space. The models walked slowly among the old tapestries, and the new series unfolded slowly. The characters and clothes were all revealed, the clothes were vivid and the light was light and swaying. These moments melted into the present and the visual images of the vivid murals. middle.

The collection expresses a sincere desire for conflict and sophistication, where opposing materials and overlapping elements are intertwined. These fusion designs accompany every moment of life filled with joy and tenderness, joy and elegance.

Light and shadow flow over the series and disperse leisurely. Modern style, in order: golden brown luster, velvet touch, corrugated lambskin, technical fabric, herringbone pattern… Sharp eyes linger in colors: gray black, brown, cypress green, black, also frost blue, floral pink, Bright orange, lettuce green.

Suits with silk scarves, parkas with lambswool collars, jackets with playful pockets, knits with contrasting geometric patterns are light, elegant and timeless.