In the past two years, the baking circle seems to have negotiated and stepped into the “color circle”.

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Not only has the appearance of “embellishment” been changed, but the eyeball effect has been effectively improved with large-area color blocks. cheap hermes bags It has gradually moved from products to store packaging, using niche colors to further strengthen topicality and brand power.

This got me thinking: is color really the password to grab consumers’ traffic?

Boldly open the wheat: Color is used well, and it is easier to be remembered by consumers than to design a unique and subtle brand logo.

I still remember that Bread and Butter relied on green packaging to create a buzz on social platforms, creating a queuing effect.

Touching ♥ said that when I first came into contact with this brand, I was also attracted by the color of the bag, and then I saw the big logo.

In fact, it is easy to understand. Hermès Birkin Generally, when you come into contact with a new product, the visual communication must be faster than the taste.

You don’t even need words to describe it! High Quality Fake Hermes Eliminate the cost of communication.

This seems to mean: work hard on the shape and color!

In addition, I have also seen this conclusion:

According to a study by Loyola University in Maryland, the right color can increase brand recognition by 80%.

It is easier to understand. Hermes In the fashion circle, such as Hermes orange, Tiffany blue, LV brown, Chanel black and white… It is not difficult to see that making colors into external symbols of the brand can easily bring accurate associations.

According to this logic, color has become a kind of competitiveness.

Moreover, in a small way, the application of color to enhance the sense of beauty is originally a positive demand.